When I first began to see Jacob, I had a host of problems, most of which stemmed from a severe kidney ailment. He told me it would take 2-3 weeks to see any significant results and I was very skeptical that he could do in 2-3 weeks what my doctors could not do in years. Let me tell you my surprise when I woke up 2 days later and I already felt better! Two weeks later, I felt such a positive difference that I had to call Jacob to thank him and let him know how great I felt.

M.M., Wilmington


I have been to several acupuncturists in the past to treat my chronic pain. However, Jacob always goes the extra mile and takes the time to ensure each treatment is effective and painless. He is committed to his patients’ satisfaction and it shows!

A.J., Raleigh


I have been seeing Jacob Lee at Essential Wellness on an ongoing basis for support of general health and well being and treatment to alleviate the side effects of my medications. Between some of my regular treatments I started a new and vital medication and developed severe calf and foot pain in both legs; one of the most significant and debilitating side effects I have ever experienced. When I stepped down from the table after the acupuncture treatment I stood and the pain I had been experiencing was gone! Although I have experienced many positive reversals of physical and emotional discomforts, this was one of the quickest and most profound and remains strongly in my memory.

K.M., Raleigh


I came to Essential Wellness with a shooting pain running down my sacrum and the side of my lower left leg and knee due to an injury from running with my dogs without any warm-up. I tried to treat the injury myself with rest and supplements for reducing inflammation but to no avail. After my first treatment with Anne I felt relief the next day, with even more relief the following day. However, with a false sense of bravado I injured the areas again playing volleyball and hiking on a work retreat. After Anne’s second treatment the pain went away the next day! Even more interesting was a surge in concentration and endurance even with a heavy work schedule. Also, I noticed a profound improvement in my digestion after the second treatment. Treatment three seemed to fine tune the previous treatment and I have no traces of that mind numbing pain that was leaving me physically and mentally exhausted.

J.Y., Raleigh


I have been getting NAET treatments since August 07. My health has improved immensely! I knew I had a couple of food allergies, but I had no idea that every single thing I was eating I was allergic to! When I came to Anne’s office my energy levels were horrible, I was getting sick all the time! I could go to work, drive home only to take a nap until dinner and then go to bed. What a horrible way to live! I thought this was my new life! BUT, thanks to Anne and NAET I now have tons of energy. My family said I am back to the way I was when I was “5” — FIVE! Wow, that is amazing that my health had changed my personality too! My husband of 10 1/2 years says I am a different person and he loves watching me live a happy life and be happy!

I love being able to eat whatever I want, and not feel exhausted, sick to my stomach, or catch every cold I encounter. I have a new lease on life! I can go on vacations and deployments not worrying about what I AM GOING TO EAT! All I can say is THANK YOU Anne and NAET.

T.B., Selma


Anne Bailey is one of the most professional alternative healthcare providers in the Triangle area, and the best as far as I am concerned. There are people who have conditions where Western medicine has not been able to help. These people are proactive advocates and take responsibility for their health and well-being.The problem with many alternative providers in the area is that they do not provide the doctor’s office experience. Their care is alternative which is fine but they too seem “alternative” which is not fine by me as I’ve had providers invade my personal space and privacy.

Anne Bailey is calm, professional, methodical in her approach, and effective. She has gone the extra mile in helping me navigate my insurance coverage for her services by doing her part to ensure the paperwork is in order.

I am thrilled that I have found Anne and I hope other providers will follow her model of patient care and interaction. I am thrilled that my very hard to treat condition has responded to alternative treatment modalities.

L.A., Durham


I have received acupuncture for 15 years from four different practitioners, and I have to say that Dr. Lee has provided the most profound and consistent results of them all. He has the technical knowledge and personal sensitivity to key into my discomfort and tailor my treatments (whether with needles or herbs) to meet my individual needs. I never get the feeling that I’m just “one more patient” receiving the same treatment that everyone else is getting.

B.K., Raleigh


With a combination of massage, herbal supplements, and acupuncture, Jacob helps me to manage the pain, discomfort, and distress from heart disease, breast cancer, and 48 years of Type 1 diabetes. He is respectful of the traditional medications and treatments that I use and deepens my understanding of how all of it affects my physical and mental being. For the past three years Essential Wellness has been my sanity saver.

T.P., Garner


I have been receiving treatment at Essential Wellness since 2006. I started acupuncture to help chronic stress. Acupuncture has greatly reduced the stress in my life and improved my overall health. Over the last six years, from tendonitis, to bursitis, to back pain, they have relieved my symptoms or resolved the problem. Anne and Jacob are exceptional professionals who take the time to really listen and work with you to improve your health.

M.A.H., Raleigh